negative and easily pissed off

yep, more and more over the past year, this describes me.  my sense of humor has gone that way, too.  i tell  self-aggrandizing stories that involve how well i told someone off.  not good.

it doesn’t help that i’m too busy to think straight half the time.  i’m going to work on this.  matt and i have just found ourselves a free 2-3 days when we were planning on going to london.  i was really looking forward to the break – hang with friends, shop, just wander around… no real commitments.  but ok.  so we work on the roof terrace, perhaps, and just take it easy here.  i have to decide if i’m going to keep the days off as planned.  i guess we’ll discuss it this evening.  i’m super busy at work, but that isn’t likely to change, so since i planned this little break, maybe i should use it.  i put a bottle of rose in the fridge.  🙂

i also went for a thai yoga massage yesterday.  90 mins.  i had one once before, and loved it.  it wasn’t expensive. maybe combining that with the chinese massages i was trying to schedule every couple of weeks, and i could pull off routinely one massage a month?  it seriously helps.  all that tension in my neck, ahhhh…

today i finally had time to go back to the gym – first time in about a month.  i have been so busy that even my evenings are cram-packed.  no time for even 30 mins at the gym.  it felt good.  and all because our concert tonight was cancelled.  so…  i slept in.  went to the gym.  drank a smoothie.  dropped another batch of clothes off to sell at the consignment store.  bought a pinata.  read up on the situation in iceland.  made coffee.  washed the dishes.

and, good news:  while prepping the clothes for the consignment shop, discovered i can fit into some of my favorite pants again.  yay!  i guess all these juices and smoothies instead of meals 2x/day are doing what they’re supposed to. woo hoo!