a band i dislike

nouvelle vague.

i HATE their covers. 
i don’t know if they do anything else, but i’m sick to death of that woman’s voice.  i hear it EVERYWHERE i go, and have been stuck listening to one refrain over and over from one song on the call line for KLM Flying Blue, which is pretty likely to kill anything. 

ok.  got that out of my system.  i’ve disliked them for some time, but only today learned their name.  recognized the voice while in the bookshop, 3 songs later one of the songs i’ve heard before came on, and so i asked the clerk what the music was.



  1. Hmmm…

    I’m rather fond of them. I think, though am not sure, that at least a couple different women have taken the mic with Nouvelle Vague, but I’m pretty sure I know the voice you’re referencing. (I don’t think R likes them either, and she was on hold with KLM a couple days ago when we were stuck in England.)

    And, indeed, all they do is covers.

  2. I like them! Maybe if you heard an entire album and weren’t stuck with just one or two from adverts.

    1. actually i’ve only heard one ad using with them, and one place i’ve been stuck on hold with one of their songs. the rest of the time it’s misc – cafes, shops, … etc. i’ve heard a bunch by now, yesterday 4 songs in a row at the bookstore. and i always think their covers make the songs boring and insipid. hell, everything about their music is boring and insipid. bleh.

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