early morning vacation week blues

so… i took this week off work because i had expendable vacation days. i intended to sleep in a lot, catch up on miscellaneous personal things, and generally enjoy the week to myself. instead, i would like to say that rather than being asleep right now at 8:40am, i’ve been awake since 6:45 because the work has begun on the roof. there is a great deal of thumping, which i can hear all the way down here on the 1st floor. i’m sure my neighbors are thrilled. astrid and i removed her plant stuff from her side of the roof yesterday and i warned her that this would be an early morning. she’s smart- she’d already made plans to sleep somewhere else all week. i had to be here to give them the keys today, but after today i’m sleeping elsewhere. it’s going to be a long week. i almost wish i were going to work. hahahahahah!

i’ve spent my morning time researching good questions to ask a prospective gp. i’ve decided this is medical week, and have an appointment today to have a weird thing removed from my knee, then an appointment tomorrow with a possible new doctor, and have already made a list of 4 more doctors i’ll make appointments with asap. and i made an appointment with a dentist, although that will be next week.

story is this: i have a doctor, but i never particularly liked him. he never seems to know anything, and comes very quickly to *often wrong* assumptions without listening to my descriptions adequately, or taking into account my personal history. there are a couple things i like about him: his availability via email and mobile phone, and his willingness to prescribe things. but sometimes i’d rather he weren’t so quick to prescribe, and instead considered a little more. by the time, for example, i was referred to a dermatologist at the VU, i had a cabinet full of miscellaneous creams that were prescribed, none of which had any effect. the dermatologists had me throw them all away. it’s wasteful. if you don’t know what something is, why not accept it and send me sooner to a specialist?



    1. nothing yet. had a mild outbreak last week. i could tell it was mild so i didn’t go in to the dermatologist. he said he can’t do anything more until i have a real outbreak again, then we can try more tests. it was gone after a couple of days (first time ever), so it’s good i didn’t go in… nothing would have happened.
      happy bday!

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