i love my motorcycle

in case i haven’t mentioned it before, my bike rocks.

so i went over to it, and took my helmet with me.  it started right up!  i moved it over to elandsgracht, where i prefer to park it.  the front brake was a little squishy.  so i went home, picked up my brake fluid, a zip tie, a screwdriver, and my chain lube.  i lubed my chain really well, then checked the fluid.  it was full, so i attached the zip tie to the hand lever, and left it.  i also picked up some bicycles and moved them so that my bike was in a prime location for easy out.

i was thinking of riding to the combichrist show tonight, but just as i got home, anne called me.  she and patrick and a friend (emily) were wandering around, and i joined them for a drink.  we’ll be meeting up at soundgarden in a couple of hours then taking the bus to the concert.  helaas.  but on the other hand, it would have been a damn cold ride.

tomorrow i think i’ll go out for a spin.  yay!