random obama congratulations

so i was at the cash machine on the corner just now, and waiting for the woman who was standing there to finish, when she turned around and said, "ben je blij over obama?" (are you happy about obama?) with a big grin on her face…

i grinned and said, "ja, ik heb voor hem gekozen!" (which i’m pretty sure is bad grammar, but whatever… "yes, i voted for him").  and she looked at me funny, so i added:  "ik ben amerikaans!"  so she smiled again and said she’s brazilian but EVERYbody’s happy…

then another woman walked past and the first woman said, "hey meisje!  obama!!!!" and the new woman gave her a big hug and they congratulated each other then me, then my welsh colleague who walked up just then.  then they walked off.

🙂  it was really sweet.

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