lost photos… found!

big scare when i came in yesterday.  i wanted to upload my recent photos onto my computer from my camera, and couldn’t find where the others were.  last week i got a new computer, and i had moved all personal files from my computer’s hard drive into my personal file on the network, since my old computer was badly damaged and being disposed of.  and a year’s worth of photos wasn’t there this morning!!!!  everything else was, but no photos! 

then in the afternoon i went back to looking for them… and about half of them in some weird folder that i’d never seen before, in a completely different drive, but where were the others?  i looked and looked, and they weren’t anywhere i could find.

i was just about to email our techie guys to ask them if it would be possible to check on the old abandoned computer hard drive, and was checking the location of the file where i had found half, and LO… all of them were there.  now that’s just weird.  but count me super happy!

and in celebration, here’s one of the ones from that "lost" group:
me and dad hanging out in a dublin pub… right before the literary walk.  we’d been slowly drinking ciders & beer, and just shooting the breeze, when some of his travel companions showed up and offered to take our picture.