4th day out… the trip thus far.

so, finally we have access to a computer.  fantastic.  we are in stockholm, at the crystal palace hotel, which is in the middle of the shopping district.  the hotel is nice, and we had a great room in the tower.  the coolest shower in the world.

the second day, very early, we caught the ferry to trelleborg sweden.  tying in the bikes for the 4 hour ferry ride was a bit scary.  separation anxiety.  but the trip was easy and the bikes were fine.  fog met us in trelleborg, and we skedaddled across to copenhagen, where the weather was beautiful and the skies were blue.  i’m not kidding – we crossed the toll bridge, came out of a tunnel, and the weather had miraculously changed.  a beautiful and easy ride through the city to park near a restaurant recommended by our friend annemette.  we parked and ate at the place across the street.  then on to helsingor, home to hamlet at elsinore.  we found our hotel then took some great rides around the region, which was gorgeous.  lots of other bikers out.  more later.


  1. Sounds like an awesome trip so far…

    I just wanted to say how much I love the fact that you used the word “skedaddled” in your post…I just realized how seldom I actually see that word written out…Yay…

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