Wave Gotik Treffen attendees?

Hey anyone driving to Leipzig from the Netherlands,

Does anyone have any car space where we can send with you our festival luggage (probably a smallish suitcase each)?  We will be on our long motorcycle road trip, so either have to mail it to the hotel or send it with someone.  Happy to pay a portion of your gas money, for the privilege!  We’ll be getting to the hotel Friday afternoon. 



  1. No problem, love. Plenty of space in the boot and on the back seat.
    That is, if we’re going by car. But I think we are because that’s how we normally get there 🙂

    We’ll be driving to Leipzig on the Friday too.
    If you want I can come and pick up your luggage from your house anytime between now and you guys leaving for the big Road Trip 🙂

    1. yay! my heroine!!! yes, please!!! let’s make a date sometime closer to… i have some sewing and repairs to do… and choice of makeup, etc…. 🙂

      you asked about concerts not too long ago. i thought of some, then i forgot them again. i’ll call you when i remember what they were. seems hocico will be at p60 soon… i can’t remember when.

      i can never decide if i like hocico or not. sometimes yes, sometimes no. it’s a mood thing, perhaps.

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