very brief update on life…

last week was shit.  the whole week.  absolute hell.
work was shit (long story to skip), so i had to explain to my boss that i was overloaded.
house stuff was shit (long story to skip), involving my landlord and our cv ketel and a gas bill.
matt was gone, so no help with these things.
i didn’t sleep well all week, and was really really tired and crabby.

then my aunt and uncle (who i haven’t seen in 15 years) came into town. 
exhausting, but fun.  even if my aunt seems to be more of an extremist, religion-wise, than i’d known.

they’re still here.  house stuff still unsolved.  back to work. 
on the plus side, my boss brought me a little present today.  πŸ™‚  that’s really sweet of her.  and she really is trying to solve the overloading problem, although it will take time.

and i didn’t go out to get really drunk, as i would have liked, friday or saturday, because i was so damn worn out.  my apologies to you,

.  i really didn’t flake, just fell completely and desperately asleep before clubbing time, on the sofa.  😦


  1. Sorry to hear about the horse-load of crap that piled on you all at once. That sucks! Don’t you hate how it all seems to happen at once?

    Thankfully your boss seems to understand/empathize, so that’s something anyway. Sending “hope life gets better” vibes your way!
    -Ms. Huis Herself

  2. hi there – I found your LJ through . hope you don’t mind if I follow your Amsterdam life a bit, I’m moving there in about two months. I like the sounds of your travel plans and whatnot. anyway. hi!

      1. πŸ™‚ heh. i see now. well, welcome soon to amsterdam, tami.

      2. hey! I’m Tami. unless that anonymous comment below is you figuring it out already. it’s kinda funny and neat how I ended up finding your journal – me and have been LJ friends forever, both of us always seem to be moving around somewhere but have never actually met. So she says hey, I’ve got this friend , so we start keeping in touch because we both used to live in Philly. and then I found you and and thought, hey, they both have cool hair and like to travel, I’d like to know them.

        so hi! nice to meet you. πŸ™‚

      3. you too (and yeah, that anonymous message was me… i’m a dork and forgot to go back and make it not-anon).

        well, great to meet you. i was reading your lj, and you also sound interesting, so i friended you back. i see there’s another thing from you in my inbox, but in case i didn’t ask before, when do you get here?

        oh, i’m sharon, by the way.

      4. but in case i didn’t ask before, when do you get here?

        April 23… just five weeks from now! very excited about that.

      5. ha… cool. good timing… just in time for queen’s day!

        but we’ll have to meet up with you when we get back from our trip, i think… we’ll probably be crazy wrecks those last couple of days before we leave on the 25th morning.

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