laibach last night at melkweg

so, as a sinterklaas cadeau, i got matt (and me, by default) tix to laibach for last night.  since we’ve been booked solid for activities all this week, and much of last, i skipped my french lesson and went home for a nap in between, making me a bit crabby when it came time to go (i hate having to wake up when i’m happily sleeping, even if i’m sleeping with the intention of waking up with more energy).

anyway, the show was great.  the first half was from anthems, reworkings of various national anthems with interesting visuals behind.  it was interesting, if a little lower-energy than i think most of the audience would have preferred.  but this is, after all, laibach, and you can’t expect anything specifically from them, unless it’s to be unexpected. 

then they left the stage, all was quiet and dark for a few minutes, while stupid audience members shouted inane things like, “pizza!” for no apparent reason.

when they came back, it was without the female vocalist from the first half, but with two new female vocalist/percussionists.  and it was much more high-energy/ dancy.  to be specific, it was the stuff from their album “wat“.  visuals again were really cool, and the girls were great. 

i was really annoyed at the audience, though.  there were some really rude (vs. carried-away and just having a great time) behaviors.  including throwing a jacket at milan fras while he was singing.  what the fuck is that?  no one likes things thrown at them while performing.  i’ve seen bands simply stop playing and leave the stage when that kind of shit happens.  milan just looked a bit peeved, but otherwise continued.

still, altogether we had a great time, and even ran into a couple of acquaintances that we don’t know super well, but have chatted with on occasion.

now i’m at work (alone today) and listening to kap10kurt.  heh heh.


  1. Glad to read you had a good time. I saw that show last December in Tivoli. The part of the anthems moved me so much that I actually was in tears when they did the Dutch anthem 🙂

    And Kap10Kurt rules ! \m/

    See you on December 22nd.

  2. Aw, crap! I wanted to see them and get one of their passports! I saw them in Leipzig 3 years ago, but I don’t think they were selling them.

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