very nice day…

after a late morning, did the following:

ate a delicious breakfast on the terrace, while it was still sunny out.  matt’s earth breakfast and my scones.  dick made coffee.  took photos with cranes in background.

walked around maastricht in the rain, trying to find shallots and ginger on a sunday.  success at last.

dick and i made panang curry paste while matt made leather armbands and copied a dvd for me.

michael came over and he and i made peach pie while dick made panang curry pizza and matt made cocktails.

played ticket to ride and ate food.

watched some of the scenes from kebab connection again…. funny funny funny.  even when reading the subtitles in dutch from german.  (which makes me slower)

walked dick to train station and ran into fred on way home.  stuck in rain.  soggy upon return.  cat unhappy with soggy humans trying to pet him. 

poor cat.  i think maybe he needs a relaxing shower…