after 2 1/2 years …

this morning, when i went down to get my bike and ride to work, this is the image i was confronted with. it took me a couple of minutes to process, and then i realized that indeed, my bike was gone and both locks cut through.


i didn’t have enough money for a new strippenkaart to take the bus and metro, nor time, so i ran back upstairs, got jonathan’s keys, and rode his bike to work.

it sucked. at his tallest setting, my knees were still pumping high, and really strained my bad left knee. i won’t be doing it again. so i’m going to need to cough up money for a new stippenkaart.


and we’re dead broke right now. in the hole at the bank and everything. sucky sucky sucky.


  1. Fucking-A

    That sucks!!!!!

    *BUT* I will admitt that when I frist read it I was confused and thought you were talking about the OTHER bike you’ve been writing about – the motorcycle… that somehow in my convoluted brain someone stole your motorcycle – and I was so puzzled by you’re just going and looking for bus fare etc…. then I realized it was a regular bike… not that that makes it ok, but somehow it didn’t make me feel as sick as when I thought it was the long-anticipated motorcyle!

    Anyway – that sucks, hope things get better soon!

    1. Re: Fucking-A

      I totally thought she meant motorcycle, too.

      do the police there chase stolen bicycles? they do here (so I hear) but didn’t in Albuquerque. Hope your knees feel better soon, S.

  2. That there is LAAAAAAME. Find your thief, recover the bike, and subject him to a thousand hours of Teletubbies. Then put him on a Circus-Peanuts-And-Water ration for six months. If teh Circus Peanuts don’t kill him, the Scurvy will.

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