moved into lomanstraat!

ok… so today was a bit weird. tomorrow will probably be weirder. woke up normalish time (10ish)and made coffee. packed up some stuff. drank more coffee. matt made breakfast.

got on train with matt, bike, two suitcases and each of us a backpack.
arrived in amsterdam. found spot to park bike until i come pick it back up tomorrow evening. tram to lomanstraat.

jane and jonathan both home. some chatting, hanging about, unpacking, dinner, etc. but it feels weird. matt will go home tomorrow night, and i will stay here, with the kitties. 🙂 nice kitties. have another place-to-stay offer, because a friend of jane’s who i met before is going on a business trip and needs a cat-sitter. i’ll probably do it. why the hell not?

so here i am. more next time. bats in the dungeon tonight, but i’m SO tired. could use a nap. maybe just feeling emotionally exhausted. poor Cat. he’ll be sad without me to pet him every day!

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  1. Hey gorgeous,
    Got into AMS at 05:30, argh, can’t check in until 14:00. My phone is up and running, same number. See you tomorrow if not sooner…

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