so, everything’s set.

i had my last lesson with a student on monday evening. i had my last violin lesson last friday. last dutch lesson yesterday. have done most of the laundry. jane and jonathan are expecting me and matt on saturday.

we’re going to the bats in the dungeon party on saturday night, in the amsterdam dungeon. i’m trying to sort out what i feel like packing for the 6 weeks i’ll be up in amsterdam, so that i don’t have to bring stuff up all the time. shoes have been especially a problem. clubwear that doesn’t require too much accessorizing and isn’t too hot has been another problem. it’s a pain in the butt to pack a million accessories for only a few opportunities to wear them.

jane is, understandably, worried about my stay. the last two people she had living with her are no longer on speaking terms with her. it’s been rough. one of them was one of her dearest friends. however, i’m there on a very temporary basis, and she’ll be off on vacation for 2 weeks (3 weekends), and gone for the 2nd weekend that i’m there as well. so in lots of ways i’ll just be house/cat sitting. and i hope to be busy and stay out of her way as much as possible. but we’re both pretty positive that it’ll be fun, and if it seems like trouble, i’ll just go somewhere else. i think it helps her to know that i have options, and that there’s a definite date when i’ll be out.

now if i can just remember how to do the whole photo thing on here, i’ll be all set! project for this evening, perhaps!