cold, rainy days…

fortunately, daylight is longer and longer lately. when it’s winter here, it’s really dark. i mind the dark much less than i mind the cold, but our apartment isn’t very well insulated, and so mostly it’s both cold and dark around here. not loving it. i spend way more time than i like bundled up. i hate having to wear pajamas, but it’s too cold not to.

yesterday we went to our first dutch lesson in weeks. i ran into our teacher on the street last week, and was so out of it that i couldn’t think of ANYthing to say. not so, yesterday. i didn’t shut up. also, i may be getting 2 lessons per week, depending on schedule. matt has to keep our wednesday evening time, but annemette can’t anymore, so i may join up with both of them and take twice the lessons. good for me. my dutch seems to be getting worse.

i have 3 new students, which is both good and bad. good for me trying to save up money to ship the motorcycle and save up for visits from friends, but bad for my disappearing free time. fortunately, they’re all 1 lesson/week students. it’s easier. and who knows: they may go to twice per week later. one of my older students has, recently. again, good for finances!

well, i just wanted to try to get into the habit of updating this occasionally again. later!


  1. u moet meer bier drinken,die manier, zal u het beter begrijpen.
    als u niet. zult u minder ongerust zijn : )
    that’s how us scots cope with the language barriers : )

    1. ja, ik vind bier drinken de beste manier om nederlands te leren ook! cider, eigenlijk, voor mij. ik wil cider elke dag drinken. ik vind de nederlandse bieren niet so lekker. 😛

      actually, i find i can speak so very many languages while drunk. it’s an amazing technique, better than the rosetta stone cd-roms. 🙂

  2. Greetings!

    Glad to see you are getting back into posting, I look forward to following your pursuits and endeavors…
    Pictures too! Pictures!
    Miss you dreadfully!

  3. it’s great to hear from you, s! cold and dark can get to me too. h baught me a union suit(red one piece button-up long johns w/ butt flap coalminer-style)
    i am loving it. it makes these days much nicer.
    i am ready for the sun, though.

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