i love getting dressed up. i love an excuse for it. any excuse, and any type of dressing up. so, when matt and i heard that some of dick’s friends were having a masquerade for their birthday party this weekend, we begged to be invited along.

it was a good party, and a chance to meet some of dick’s friends again, in a new setting (for me). i really liked many of them. and there was a room set aside for dancing, which was really perfect. i danced a lot. so did matt. so did dick, actually. happiness.

a reprise of the entire evening is impossible. i won’t even attempt it. i wish we’d been able to go somewhere else to sleep, though. as many of you minnesotans know, i don’t like to spend the night at other people’s houses with lots of people. i get tired of people, and really start hating them. well, that happened. it’s uncontrollable. so i tried to take space by hanging out on the terrace, but that made many of them think i was sick, and then continuously ask me if i was ok. which is worse. oh well. we managed to escape pretty early the next day. if i’m lucky, most of them will remember me more from earlier in the evening, when i wasn’t sick of people. i had some really fun conversations with lots of people.

the next day, we went shopping at a couple of favorite places in amsterdam. that was also fun, and i found a really gorgeous dress and boots that i really wanted, but unfortunately were very expensive, so i had to skip them. oh well.

i have just returned a few minutes ago from an excursion to an art gallery with some women in the international women’s club. although there were few things that i really liked in the gallery, my brain is filled with ideas. so, what am i doing typing here? good question. i have other things to do. and part of me just wants to lie around with a book and continue recovering from the weekend. ha. and you see where my moment of motivation just disappears….

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  1. Just so you know: everybody I talked to since thought you were totally hot.


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