hi! i have 3 minutes left on internet. am in hamburg, enjoyable evening. now drinking paulaner in hostel. (ha ha dick!!) have used all my phone minutes smsing and also calling, and can’t recharge. dammit.

tomorrow coffee trade fair. exciting.

the erotic art museum here is the best i’ve seen!



  1. Hamburg? Wow but you get around, don’t you. On vacation already. One thing is certain, I think I’d rather be there than here anyday.

  2. erotic art museum? i checked the comments previous to mine so that i didn’t have a taudry, redundant reply, and i am shocked that i’m the first one to tap into the part about EROTIC ART MUSEUM!!! i’ve got to check out europe!
    i suppose i’d need childcare in excess of my monthly income to enjoy a visit properly

    1. actually, since you mention it, there are lots and lots of erotic art museums, or in some cases, just sex museums, around europe. i’ve been to many of them. this was the best one i’ve been to yet, for many reasons. i elaborated on my enthusiasm to the curator, and he gave me a free book. happiness.

      dude. i know lots of people who travel with kids. even on a budget. hell, there are even loads of books written on the subject. but really, it can be done. in many ways, the hardest part is making the decision to try.

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