1. did you look at it? it’s made up of paper. really. the artist used scissors and craft paper, and a lamp, to create a forest and lighting in a room. then he took a picture of it, then destroyed it. but all those leaves! paper! all of them! that’s just amazing.

      1. OH.

        I just saw a forest, and was thinking about the kind of plant community I was looking at, and estimating leaf area index and gross photosynthetic activity…I guess I’m a bit out of touch as a plant geek. Lemme have another look.

        OK, so I’m NOT looking at Beech trees and a sunbeam in a deciduous forest, but rather a very convincing facsimile made entirely of paper, which ironically is made from trees? That is indeed pretty cool. And you say they destroyed it after? Why?

        Jeeze. It sure had me fooled!

      2. hello. much belatedly, i am trying to respond.

        i don’t know why he destroyed it. apparently he does that with his installations. i found this picture and an article about him in adbusters’ art fart issue. i tried to link the article and send it to you, but when i went to their site, i couldn’t find the article. i’ll admit i didn’t look too hard.


        on a side note, i found an interesting picture of a sculpture in the most recent harpers, too. i can’t remember the artist’s name, but it was japanese. it was a sculpture of a tree, made out of a paper bag. it was also interesting, and caught my eye.

        but this one by thomas demand is more than interesting, it’s spectacular. i wonder how long it took him to make it.

  1. >i don’t know why he destroyed it. apparently he does that with his installations.

    Must be an “art” thing. You know, savor the fleeting moment and all. Like Christo’s “Running Wall” or whatever.

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