visitors coming

well, matt had just left for aikido and i’d just put in the first episode of zim for a little doom singing, when the phone rang. when matt was at summer darkness in utrecht a couple of weekends ago, he met and hung out with 3 americans (?) from a band called the azoic. he invited them to stay with us if they wanted while they’re touring around europe. anyway, they’re due in an hour or so. unless my directions here really fuck them up, which isn’t unlikely, since i couldn’t remember how to describe the way here. i’ve been having similar problems all day today. feeling a bit jet-lagged still, and today has felt a bit surreal that way. and i can’t seem to sleep much, but it’s all i want. ugh.

well, maybe i should go and unclean the house a bit. since i haven’t been sleeping much, the house is ridiculously clean, and i think that sometimes that is a bit freaky to people. maybe i should muss it up! heh. too much trouble. i’ll probably just continue moping around and trying to decide if i should start a new book or finish one of the ones i’m in the middle of. i’m in the mood for some junk reading, but i think i’m all out of fresh ones. i could re-read something, i suppose. the attic is full of boxes of books i haven’t seen in a long time.


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