visiting home

me and dad over valley
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hi everyone…

having a great time. this is me and dad last night on his patio. we slept out there last night and the stars were beautiful. the buildings you see down there are where the farm i grew up on was. so this is the lincoln creek valley.

yesterday was very nice. i spent the morning helping jack move furniture from dad’s old barn to his house in town, then went to olympia to visit with nathan for a couple of hours. then back to jack’s for dinner, then out to dad’s to sleep.

dad’s fire station has a pool table now, so dad and i took a ride up the valley and played a few games of pool. i’m ashamed to say that i lost 2 out of 3. but all the games were pretty close, at least.

i’m back at jack and glesy’s now. my other brother kyle is here and they’re all working on the garage. i’m mostly getting in the way, but it’s nice to hang out with everyone.

unfortunately, i won’t be able to make it down to portland. i’ll be heading north instead.

well, i’m going to go and check my email now. more sometime.