a little urban exploration

In front of tower
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well, i forgot to write last night to tell about the fun we had watching the roller girls practice, then going out for a chat with zhac. but it’s too late now.

tonight, since frostbite was cancelled, we went to the party at laurie and jeff’s. we chatted with people, and saw dan, which was a huge surprise. i wouldn’t have recognized him had i passed him on the street!!

anyway, he was talking about climbing the landmark brewery building, and that sounded like a GREAT plan to me, so i talked matt into it, and zhac jumped on board too. what fun, and what a lot of stairs up the first part.

in this picture, we’re actually on top of the skyway leading to the tower. it’s quite a ways up, and we had to climb up onto it from a catwalk below. the roof that we were walking on was a bit wiggly when we stepped, and there were loads of pigeons. afterwards, we climbed up onto the tower, and sat around lounging on lawn chairs while watching the stars. cassiopeia (sp?) was especially lovely, i thought.

the view was great, and it was a great way to see dan again after so long!

tomorrow, oh sadness, matt leaves to go home. we are both feeling a bit ready to go home, but of course i am also really looking forward to my trip. i’m all outfitted now, except for earplugs. i’ll get them tomorrow somewhere.


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