yummy mexican food

have i mentioned what mexican food is like in europe? bad. bad bad bad. ok… the problem is this: they can make it LOOK like mexican food, but since they’re missing many necessary ingredients, especially seasonings, or perhaps because they have so little experience with it, it tastes NOTHING like mexican food.

happily, here in minnesota there is a large mexican community, and food and ingredients are widely available. yay for us!! so we’ve had mexican food three times in 2 days. so far so good. dear friends in maastricht: yes, i am gaining back all the weight i’ve lost in recent weeks. oh well. mexican food is worth it. and helps soothe the savage beast after i chainsawed a tree up this afternoon!! practice for any future zombie killin’.

we are home relatively early tonight… 11:15, which is good. i am supposed to go to motoprimo tomorrow morning at 8:15 to find out if my bike was finished today. oh, cross any fingers and toes you find convenient. we had a nice dinner at dylan and emily’s, with mel and dwain as well, and we were all tired way too early, so that’s good. perhaps i’ll get a full night’s sleep. oh please. unfortunately, cool things we missed today: bruce campbell doing a book signing at u of mn bookstore, and revolver modele playing at the hexagon bar. too bad. thanks, andrue and jillian, for the info. sorry we couldn’t make it.

tomorrow more of matt’s family flies in from out of state, so after motoprimo, we are meeting them for brunch. then hopefully later in the day i will be meeting mike from cornerstone at world of knives, to pick me out a knife. fun fun fun! that afternoon i’ll be having my final knife lesson for the time that i’m here, and that evening YAY YAY YAY, we are going to see the MN roller girls at practice!!! thanks, zhac, for setting that up!! we can’t wait to see you guys hurt each other!

what the hell is six sigma??


  1. Hey, got the call from Matt yesterday, and it looks like tomorrow night probably won’t work to get-together…however, we’ll be seeing you kids on Friday at Operation:Frostbite, so it’s all good…

  2. I remember the “Mexican” food in France. Now that I’m in DC, its hard to find Mexican again. All of the “Mexican” restaurants are actually Salvadoran. (They just write “Mexican” on the outside because Gringos are more familiar with Mexican food.) Salvadoran food is OK, but its not as good as Mexican.

  3. you’re totally welcome! i’m really excited that you guys’ll be coming tonight, actually. and lucky you, it’s a bouting night! (we practice bout every other thursday.) let me know if you guys need help finding us… it can be a little labyrinthian getting to roy wilkins.

    oh and hey, i’m still interested in finding out about that studio you’ve been going to for knife fighting and/or kickboxing.

    1. hi! well, we used to live not far from there, so now that i remember where it is… NO problem!

      on the cornerstone info: i posted it in the post about how it was to see you guys at ground zero. i’ll bring the flyer with me tonight, too.

  4. Yeah, any of the “mexican” food I tried during my time in London was thoroughly regrettable.

    Looking forward to seeing you guys at practice tonight, but I’m nervous! I hope I play better than I did last time! I sucked it up big time. I hope my new skates help me kick much more ass.

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